An understanding of and appreciation of sound politics and economics, relationships and health are the foundations of a vibrant society. And yet we find ourselves provided a cultural ecosystem of lies and myths.

Freedom Philosophy TV is dedicated to a philosophical dissection of the cultural phenomena in order to reveal the truth.

  • Is Sweden Socialist?

    Is Sweden Socialist?

    I’ve heard quite a few times that Sweden is “socialist”, it is certainly a social democracy. However, as I will...

  • Zeitgeisted!: Peter Josephs Smorgasbord of Sophistry

    Zeitgeisted!: Peter Josephs Smorgasbord

    Maybe you saw the messy exchange between Stefan Molyneux and Peter Joseph? Here it is: And what a mess...

  • Patriarchy A Biological Perspective

    Patriarchy A Biological Perspective

    In this program I explore patriarchy from a biological and institutional perspective and describe what the consequences are for men...