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Empire Law

In this program I go back in history to discover why we have no objective definition of crime.

Governments in many countries originate from military dictatorships, in others newer states that arose were modeled on established states. This has resulted in legal systems with a double tradition, one in common law and one in martial law.

*When I say these societies were “egalitarian”, this is meant only with respect to whom the law applied. Their “kings” were not above the law as they are in other legal systems where, for example, legal privilege such as “crown immunity” occurs.

Some of my previous programs deal with these topics separately:

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A page about The Brehon Laws
You will see that these Celtic tribal societies had private property, although much was also held in common and that they had a hierarchical society with Kings and chieftains. Although these upper classes enjoyed (and abused) many privileges, “making law” was not one of them. Where money was owed to them, it was in the form of rent and not as “tax”. Government as a corporate legal fiction with sovereign immunity did not exist and therefore they had no state. These are not mere semantic distinctions, rulers such as we know them did not exist.

Armed Forces Day? An Imperialist Circus!

In this program I deconstruct the false moral narrative of “duty” imperialists use to co-opt popular support for their deadly programs of foreign intervention.

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