Food From First Principles

In this program I take up the challenge of explaining what we should eat using biological science.

I’ve been studying food and nutrition for over 27 years. My views have not been sullied by institutional dogmas and corporate interests leaving me free to think outside the box.

Forget the paleo diet! I’m talking about going Miocene. Bon app├ętit.

All primary sources are given during the program as I use them and below.

What is the optimal anthropoid primate diet?
Physicist Hans Dehmelts wants to know what the optimal diet for humans is, but he can’t wait for the empirical results because he needs to eat it now. Given that organisms are adapted to the environment of their ancestors he uses the chimpanzee to provide a model for our ancestral diet.

Incisor-molar relationships in chimpanzees and other hominoids: implications for diet and phylogeny
Martin Pickfords paper reveals that the chimpanzee is a more derived species than we are, it has evolved adaptations to consume meat. Humans have a more conservative dental morphology in keeping with our Miocene ancestors. Humans have not adapted to meat eating. If we use the chimpanzee as our ancestral diet model we should ignore its meat eating habits.

The Selfish Gene
Richard Dawkins discusses the improbability of a herbivore evolving into a carnivore.

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