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Are The Nordic Peoples Really The Happiest?

I speak with Louise Koch as we contrast the claims that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world with real life experiences.

Louise, aka “Fruity Lou”, is from Denmark and we struck up a conversation about a meme that makes the connection between the happiness of the Danes and their extensive welfare state. But are things really as good as the propaganda suggests? I had to interview her to find out more and do some research of my own.

The research institutions that produce happiness reports are funded by governmental agencies and of course they tell us that government intervention helps to make people happy.

To find out more about Louise and her great work visit

Depression and Antidepressants: A Nordic Perspective

The number of persons with alcohol problems in the Danish population

Happiness Research Institute

Zeitgeisted!: Peter Josephs Smorgasbord of Sophistry

Maybe you saw the messy exchange between Stefan Molyneux and Peter Joseph? Here it is:
And what a mess – like 2 ships sailing in opposite directions at a great distance.

So Peter broadcast his review of the discussion and here that is:

The zeitgeist movement, although very much different from socialism as we know it, is still motivated by utopianism and pursues a very similar rhetorical discourse rich in emotional manipulation and neologisms.

Anyway, here’s my reply to Peter Joseph and his 4 critical points.

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My story of how stateless Common Law societies were wrecked based loosely on Gaelic Ireland’s history.

Anarchy? What Happens?
A program that contrasts private common law with government legal monopoly.

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Is Sweden Socialist?

I’ve heard quite a few times that Sweden is “socialist”, it is certainly a social democracy.

However, as I will show in this program, Sweden operates under corporatism, a system also implemented by the Italian Fascist regime.

It’s really stretching the concept of socialism a bit too far by suggesting that businesses can be privately owned (even if only partially privately controlled) under socialism! Sweden’s factories are not controlled by workers.

Swedish trade unions


The History and Politics of Corporate Ownership in Sweden, Peter Högfeldt

Quasi-Corporatism: America’s Home-Grown Fascism, Robert Higgs

Is Sweden Socialist?
from the horses mouth:
“Sweden has never been a socialist society – based on public ownership of production, workers’ control and management, social equality and a democratic plan of production. Neither has Sweden been a ‘mixed economy’ or provided a ‘third way’ – an alternative to both capitalism and socialism, if such a thing were possible.”
Per Olsson, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI in Sweden)

Iakovos Alhadeff has written a free ebook called “The Swedish Economic Model: A socialist or a free market success?”. This book describes the history of political and economic developments in Sweden including the period of socialistic interventions during the 70s. To summarise, the Swedes retracted their socialist policies before ownership of the nationalised industries had passed fully to the workforces unionised members.