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A philosophical approach to what we call law.

Turings Apology?

Alan Turing may be posthumously pardoned for his so called “crime” of being homosexual. Rather too late and the people who are apologising didn’t even know him, let alone persecute him.

In this program I explain what happened and then reveal the “elephant in the room” that parliamentarians have missed.

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to receive posthumous pardon for homosexuality conviction

Breaking The Corporate Matrix

In this program I explore the principles of corporations and the ancient origins of the practice of incorporation.

The practice of incorporation has been used as a means to create a mental glove puppet by which manipulative people grant themselves privileges and escape taking responsibility and therefore being held fully accountable for their actions.

Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC
early corporations were powerful extensions of the state!

[this program re-released due to video format issues]

Anarchy? What Happens?

In this program explore the false claim that a society without a power elites legal system is without law.

I show that a society that accepts the power elites legal system is a lawless society where extortion, theft and murder are permitted when the privileged classes engage in them.

I also contrast effective private systems of law to the state monopoly of law.

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Mike Shanklin, “In Your Anarchist Society, Who Will Make The Laws?”

A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland
This book describes the civic society of ancient Ireland. Kings and other nobles helped to administer but did not make law, rather they were subject to law. “Irish kings were not despotic : they were all, from the supreme monarch down to the king of the tuath, in every sense, limited monarchs ; they were subject to law like their own free subjects.” p.25