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The mass media act as the gate keepers of the system as well as seeking eyes for their advertisers.

Libertarian Review: Russell Brand

Russell Brand attacked parliamentary democracy on Newsnight recently and told Jeremy Paxman why he doesn’t vote. Brands criticisms of the establishment have caused a stir because they are true. The days of party politics enjoying popular support are gone.

But what is to be done? Brand advocates windfall taxes on corporations and an “egalitarian socialist” system but admits he has no idea how that might come about. He seems to think that other people know how to do it.

I’m cynical about this. The left have played all their cards and can only mouth empty rhetoric. Brand is no stranger to profiting from mega corporations either.

In this review I take a deeper look at these issues and Russell Brand.

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British Comedy

There seems to be a recurrent theme in British comedy, amusing as it often is, the most amusing comedy seems to involve men with gross personality problems. I wonder why we can’t laugh at women in the same way? Some kind of subconscious privilege perhaps?

My experience growing up at the time when many of these programs aired was of hearing a lot of criticisms of men and their many perceived failings. Just something to think about.

As with our legal system, the mass media is much about man bashing. I suspect our patrilocal tribal history gave rise to this tendency to put other men down. It’s not something I want to encourage but then risking being seen as a joke is a strong social incentive to not behave like a dick.

Absolutely Fabulous seems to of been something of an exception and a late arrival.

Kids Without Dads

I discus the ITV Tonight program “Kids Without Dads”

With a feminist agenda from the start it succeeds in not examining any likely causes and satisfies itself with plenty of passive aggressive style shaming. Causes such as not wanting to be a father, being stuck with a crazy woman and the many financial incentives women have to encourage them to have children men might not want. But as the title suggests this program was never going to be about absent fathers.

Is there anything good about this program? Yes, as the title suggests this program does give a much needed voice to children who are living without their dads and some of the wider social consequences. Even so the program is carefully crafted around how it presents the emotional content. The children speak with frustration about their grievances and if the program had just done that it would of been acceptable. However single mums also share a variety of emotions from anger to frustration which takes the program off topic while giving no space for absent fathers to share their difficult emotions. All we hear about from men is the ones who still see their children saying how good it is, that it’s a challenge to travel so far for some and from Matt who seems to think he is doing alright. In this way the emotional content of men affected are being edited and minimized in a way that was not applied to the other parties in the situation. Not giving a platform for men as victims is a feminist tactic that dehumanizes men.

It may be that the children, mums and dads got equal air time, but it certainly doesn’t feel like the quality of the time given was fairly balanced. For reasons given above the program is biased in a way that will feel familiar to many men who have been victims and who are not to be heard. Good journalism doesn’t seem to be part of the Tonight program, reason enough to avoid TV and do your bit to cut these kind of media circuses loose.

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BS Sells Papers!

A quick but informative rant about recent front-page news in the Express newspaper.

Gross mortgage lending jumped over 20% last month, latest CML figures suggest
Increasing house prices may just be a result of increased lending. This is actually a boom in debt! But look how the mass media report this…

Booming Britain: Joy for millions as house prices rise six months in a row
this is propaganda of the kind one would expect in a communist regime

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advertising for the meat and egg industries