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There are so many social issues, it can be myopic to focus on single issue politics. Here I look at the bigger picture.


It’s propaganda! And there’s nothing wrong with circulating information to promote a good cause. But is the propaganda factual and the cause good?

This is a response to a false propaganda piece that I saw on facebook some months ago. It concerns a cartoon by Milt Priggee that seems to lay blame for the US foreclosure crisis upon “free market capitalism”.

But is the property market an example of free market capitalism?

Definition of ‘Free Market’

Definition of ‘Capitalism’

Definition of ‘Barriers To Entry’

Cartoon by Milt Priggee, Puget Sound Business Journal

Divorce by Force

In this program I review recent news that the judiciary would like to extend access to the divorce process to the unmarried. I look at the cause of declining rates of marriage and the effects this is having on the divorce industry.

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Talking About Family Law

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Couples should be able to divorce without going to court, says top judge

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Divorce since 1900

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A brief history of divorce

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Family breakdown ‘could cost taxpayers £46bn’

Libertarian Review: Russell Brand

Russell Brand attacked parliamentary democracy on Newsnight recently and told Jeremy Paxman why he doesn’t vote. Brands criticisms of the establishment have caused a stir because they are true. The days of party politics enjoying popular support are gone.

But what is to be done? Brand advocates windfall taxes on corporations and an “egalitarian socialist” system but admits he has no idea how that might come about. He seems to think that other people know how to do it.

I’m cynical about this. The left have played all their cards and can only mouth empty rhetoric. Brand is no stranger to profiting from mega corporations either.

In this review I take a deeper look at these issues and Russell Brand.

(sorry about lipsync issue)
NEWSNIGHT: Paxman vs Brand – full interview

An Open Letter to Russell Brand – Let’s Start a Revolution!

Russell Brand I love you but you’re wrong

FP017 Corporatism: A marriage of left and right

FP008 Breaking The Corporate Matrix

The Fall of the United Kingdom

The Housing Problem

I take a good look at Britain’s housing problem – the extortionate and unaffordable cost of homes in the UK. I trace the problem back to the Norman conquest that perpetuated centuries of land shortage, inflating rents and labour prices leading to stifled economic development.

In contemporary Britain there is a struggle between the wealth elites and the middle to upper classes who stand to lose a lot of money if new housing developments speeds up. The middle classes would prefer redevelopment of “brown field” sites, but this is less profitable and risky for developers.

Presently building a new property requires navigation of many hundreds of pages of planning and building regulations, that’s even if you can obtain some land!

Where will it all end? I rather suspect the middle classes are going to be burnt one way or the other. Prepare for some upset Daily Telegraph readers!? Maybe, the struggle isn’t over yet.

Sources and further reading:
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The Telegraph, Hands Off Our Land
The ironically titled campaign by this middle/upper class newspaper to try and stop people from developing on land they own!
(cos that will spoil views, risk negative equity and leave plebs living next door?)

NHBC Foundation

Image of Charlies House used with permission.