Armed Forces Day? An Imperialist Circus!

In this program I deconstruct the false moral narrative of “duty” imperialists use to co-opt popular support for their deadly programs of foreign intervention.

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Anarchy? What Happens?

In this program explore the false claim that a society without a power elites legal system is without law.

I show that a society that accepts the power elites legal system is a lawless society where extortion, theft and murder are permitted when the privileged classes engage in them.

I also contrast effective private systems of law to the state monopoly of law.

more about Brehon law:

more about Xeer law:

Mike Shanklin, “In Your Anarchist Society, Who Will Make The Laws?”

A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland
This book describes the civic society of ancient Ireland. Kings and other nobles helped to administer but did not make law, rather they were subject to law. “Irish kings were not despotic : they were all, from the supreme monarch down to the king of the tuath, in every sense, limited monarchs ; they were subject to law like their own free subjects.” p.25

Are Soldiers Heroes?

In this first philosophical program I explore the jingoistic claim that soldiers are heroes.

Is paid military service along with the inevitable “collateral damage” really comparable to selfless acts of courage that save people and harm no one?

I also consider other problems with this proposition and I think I demonstrate that we cannot accept the claim that soldiers are heroes without qualification.

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