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Why I voted to leave the EU

The EU is an organisation based on oppression, I’m against it on principle.

EU regulations oppress people going about their peaceful business and results is a centrally planned super-state.

Trader in court over pounds and ounces

Why the EU is bad for herbs, supplements and vegetable seeds

BREXIT : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 : End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation

Discussing The “Green Party” with Antony Sammeroff

In this program I discuss the ever so pink Green Party of the UK with Antony Sammeroff.

The discussion includes talk about waste management, “healthcare” (read sickness care, health needs no care), private property, the roads, public transport and other topics of environmental interest.

Green Politics is in fact not a whole lot more than socialism with gum boots. We conclude that more central planning is not the answer, it’s the problem!

Antony Sammeroff on YouTube

The Libertarian Manifesto on Pollution

How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis!

Calculation and Socialism

Overpopulated (Documentary)

Are The Nordic Peoples Really The Happiest?

I speak with Louise Koch as we contrast the claims that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world with real life experiences.

Louise, aka “Fruity Lou”, is from Denmark and we struck up a conversation about a meme that makes the connection between the happiness of the Danes and their extensive welfare state. But are things really as good as the propaganda suggests? I had to interview her to find out more and do some research of my own.

The research institutions that produce happiness reports are funded by governmental agencies and of course they tell us that government intervention helps to make people happy.

To find out more about Louise and her great work visit

Depression and Antidepressants: A Nordic Perspective

The number of persons with alcohol problems in the Danish population

Happiness Research Institute

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